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"After seeing the fantastic results my sister (an adult patient) achieved, I decided to have a consultation with Dr. Figueroa. He clearly explained the process and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful smile."
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"As an adult patient I was worried about how I would look with braces. Dr. Figueroa assured me it would be worth it and he was right. I don't regret a day wearing braces and he was extremely supportive throughout my treatment."
Don, Fran, Max, & Melina
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"Our family has entrusted Figueroa Orthodontics with our daughter since she was born! I cannot imagine anyone else completing such amazing work with her while caring for her as a person too!! Forever grateful."
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"We were overwhelmed when we first came to Dr. Al several years ago. My daughter had an underbite that braces alone couldn’t fix. Dr. Al came up with a comprehensive plan that included braces, the removal of wisdom teeth and, finally, jaw surgery at Rush Hospital. Dr. Al walked us through each step of the process, reassuring us and explaining things in terms we could understand. Now, my daughter is off at college with a normal bite and a BEAUTIFUL smile!"
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Our kids love Figueroa Orthodontics. We appreciate the treatment plan, knowing exactly what to expect, along with genuine friendliness, always made to feel welcome and comfortable, we know our kids look forward to their visits to the office. Not only are they happy during treatment, we know they will be delighted with the results. Thanks to Dr. Alvaro, Dr. Alex and staff! Great job!
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My wife and I had all three of our children as patients of Figueroa Orthodontics. We experienced expert care, great results, and the thing most impressive is their ability to create a calming atmosphere for the kids. Having braces can be a little stressful and their ability to connect at that level was very helpful.
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"In addition to my three children, I am also a patient at Figueroa Orthodontics. The office is clean, and the staff is very friendly and sensitive to each patient's needs. As an adult patient, I am treated with respect and have open communication about my treatment plan. The best thing about this practice is that both doctors are perfectionists. I am confident everything is in place and just perfect before treatment is finished. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for quality work in a clean and friendly environment."
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"The experience I had here was amazing. My teeth are straight and perfect. The service is convenient and the staff is very kind and helpful."
Sharlene and Rusty
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"After a referral from my dentist, we decided to get an evaluation for my son's braces at Figueroa Orthodontics. From the moment we stepped into their office in Naperville, we were met with a very knowledgeable and professional staff. Dr. Figueroa answered all of our questions and concerns with the utmost patience and professionalism. The treatment plan was very affordable and they were very accommodating for all of our appointment needs. Our son now has a beautiful smile thanks to the great team at Figueroa Orthodontics!"

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